Five Tips for a Great Christmas Party

Looks like my blog has been dedicated to nothing but Christmas this month and rightfully so! In today’s blog, I bring you tips for throwing a great Christmas party! So take a read and I hope that this will help you out tremendously and make you the talk of the town this season. Festive Decor Nothing screams Christmas like Christmas decor! Personally, I love all … Continue reading Five Tips for a Great Christmas Party

What to See in NYC During the Holiday Season

Whether you live in NYC or just visiting, there are a few mandatory things that you absolutely must do during the Holiday Season. Understandably so, tourists flock to our city during the month of December and it is quite impossible to get through midtown around this time of the year. Since midtown holds most of the holiday activities in our city, I have selected some … Continue reading What to See in NYC During the Holiday Season

A “Must Watch” Christmas Movie List

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, I am indulging, guilt free in everything that is Christmas! One of my favorite activities leading up to Christmas and the day of, is of course watching all of the heartwarming flicks that have been made over the years. Even though I give all a fair chance, there are a few that have become my absolute favorites. … Continue reading A “Must Watch” Christmas Movie List

Day After Thanksgiving

Now that you have cooked your a$$ off, cleaned up the kitchen and stored away all of the left overs, what is there to do? Besides vegging out on the couch and digesting the food, many of us take part in the “After Thanksgiving” activities that have basically become part of the holiday tradition. What are your favorites from the list below? Start Your Holiday … Continue reading Day After Thanksgiving

What Are You Eating This Thanksgiving?

With all of the health craze going on, I thought it would only be right to do a post on Thanksgiving recipes and how we can make them healthier. As we all know, Thanksgiving is almost synonymous with gluttony and overeating. I don’t think that we mean to do it, I think that we just wait for this yummy food to come around once a … Continue reading What Are You Eating This Thanksgiving?