Ipsy April 2016 Glam Bag

This month my Ipsy arrived early, but Birchbox was either misdelivered, or someone took the liberty of swiping it off my porch! However, since Birchbox customer care is absolutely amazing, a replacement is on its way. Let me get back to Ipsy though 🙂

In April, Ipsy blessed me with the following:

L.A.B. 2 Just Blending in Brush

12_1_I found a few misses with this brush, the bristles are a tad rough for my skin. After an intense blending session my creases felt slightly irritated, but again might be due to my over excitement at receiving this tool. It also proved to be too large for my eye size. Usually, I favor smaller sized brushes to get the job done, however this brush did do a good job of correcting some mistakes and really did a great blending number when I overapplied a dark shade. Would I have purchased it on my own? No. Will I make use of it now that I have it? For sure!

Mystic Nude Stix – Lip + Cheek Pencil


First thing is first. I received my sample in a shade that is not flattering for my cheek bones. Not only was it in a less than desireable shade, but it was in a shimmer finish. So, with that said –  I will only use it as a lip pencil. Now, in terms of the product’s consistency, it is very gentle and smooth. Thus, easily blendable. Would I purchase it on my own?  For sure, but in a different shade and in matte finish only!

Buxom Wildly Whipped – Lightweight Liquid Lipstick


Love this product! Creamy, moisturizing and gentle on your lips. Soft matte finish that does not dry out your lips and sends you running for a Chapstick. It was easy to apply, but even easier to remove and in my book thats a win-win. Most matte products clinch onto your skin and won’t leave you until you exert some serious effort. This one though, is a sure winner! I will be looking into more shades to add to my already overexpanding lip product arsenal!

Pur-Lisse Sheet mask


Although I am a huge sheet mask enthusiast, I will be honest and say that latelly I didn’t have time for even a once a month treatment! So when this baby arrived I had no excuses. It was there, in my face, begging to be used! I ended up leaving it on longer than needed, but good thing is that it did not give me any kind or type of a reaction! Bonus points! This mask claims to be nourishing ,renewing,restorative and brightening. Based on personal experience I found it to be two out of the four: nourishing and brightening. The next morning my skin was brighter and more even than usual. Will I restock? For sure!

Ren Evercalm Day Cream


At first I found this cream to be thick and heavy, however upon applying it, I noticed that it was super absorbent. Reading up on this product more, I realized that this is a necessity for me! Living in NYC, polution and harsh weather (whether cold or hot) will do a number on your skin and this year I made a vow to be more intune with my skincare needs. So a big THANK YOU to Ipsy for sending this gem over! Not only will it serve as a barrier between all of the crap (excuse my French) that is in the air, but it is also a great moisturizer, skin calmer and trains your skin to be less sensitive!

What came in your Ipsy April Glam bag?

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