Spring Trends for 2016

The weather is finally looking up for all of us East Coasters and even though we always complain about winter time, I have to admit that it was not that bad this time around. With warm weather approaching (Groundhog did not lie this year!) it is only natural to start getting excited for everything that Spring has to offer. In my book that would be to finally peel off all of those winter layers and finally get cute and comfortable!

I have been following NYFW pretty closely and although I do not fully agree with all of the fashion and beauty trends that have been showcased, there were a few that made an impression on me.

I will start with beauty and makeup. This trend speaks volumes to me at this time, as I am all about lipsticks this season. Although being on two opposite ends of the spectrum, this Spring be prepared to invest in a sheer nude stick, but do not dispose of your bright reds either! Apparently, both are going to be huge this season. Having a fresh, natural face with a bold or minimized lip? I can get with that!


Next is the return of the infamous slip on from the 90’s. Very reminiscent of Courtney Love, if you ask me. I am digging the silky lace contrast, but the best part is that these slips are paired up with booties and leather bombers. Romantic, yet edgy! Maybe not for everyday, but can definitely be a show stopper at a party.


Off the shoulder anything has sprung on the scene and has been making its rounds whether in a dress, shirt or romper form. Personally, my issue with off the shoulder is the bra situation. However, if you are one of those lucky ones that can forego this formality, then all the power to you. This trend sparks many different associations for me, from romantic 18th century, to Spanish Flamenco style to 70’s hippie explosion. Options are endless, but one thing is for sure – off the shoulder is in big time!


Let’s talk fringe! One of my favorites! I will take a fringe anything and this season fringe bags are all the rave. The bohemian vibe is hard to keep at bay and these bags have been popping up all over the runways. I like how they can spice up the most boring of outfits. Carry it with a pant suit or a pair of jeans, and immediately your look will have a trendy vibe.


When it comes to shoes I can’t say that I am thrilled by all of the trends that are resurrecting this season. Chucky anything or mules are just not my thing. However, lace ups are something that I am getting super excited about. Heels, flats and sandals – I am all in.  I actually managed to find a sandal that is lace up and fringe all in one! LOVE IT!


Last, but not least are the creams and nudes that are all over the fashion world! One example is the Yeezy Spring 2016 collection. I am by far not a fan of the clothes, but this season the colors completely appealed to me! I love these because they scream “SPRING!” Romantic, soft and simple these hues go with anything and are universally appropriate for any occasion. A perfect outfit for me is a cream turtleneck with a matching skirt and some nude heels – preferably lace ups ;).

Creams and Nudes

This completes my take on Spring Trends for 2016. What are your favorites this season?

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