Quick Daily Makeup Routines

Today I wanted to share with you my daily makeup routines. They are not extensive, but they get the job done. To be brutally honest, I love makeup, but putting it on early in the morning definitely proves to be a challenge. Over the years, I managed to develop a routine that is easy, quick and covers all of the basics. Although I work in a very laid back environment and looking on point is not really a necessity, I do like to have some “face on” throughout the day. So here goes my tried and true technique of looking presentable in a matter of 10 minutes.

Step 1

First thing is first, never forget to moisturize! Thanks to the wonders of tinted BB and CC Creams you can actually manage to kill two birds with one stone and I am all about that. I like to go generous with my CC and I use my trusty CC Cream by Gosh that is illuminating as well. In the winter time you need as much “illumination” as you can get. This particular CC has a matte finish, which is great for this face as I do have an oily T-Zone. I like to treat it as foundation, so I go in H.A.M. What I get in the end is a moisturized face with a nice even coverage. Total time – approximately 30 seconds.

Step 2

Next is the under eye area. Lately I have been developing some dark circles and unless I get enough sleep (which is usually never), I need some heavy artillery to combat those. I turn to Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser and Dark Circles Concealer. Love this product because of its’ applicator. Just open, twist and dab! I do go over with a beauty blender, but the entire process takes no longer than a minute. For setting my I go to my Maybelline Shine Free Oil- Control Loose Powder. Just a few sweeps under my eyes and then a quick once over the entire face and I am all set for the day. The entire process takes about two minutes tops.

Step 3

I do not really contour on the day to day basis, however I like to define my cheekbones just a bit. My face is angular as is, so an overall contouring would be too much for everyday. With that said, I use my trusty Chanel Bronzer that I have been using for over ten years now in order to define my cheekbones. A quick stroke of bronzer and all done in about a minute.

Step 4

Brows and eyes are what gets most of my attention. For brows I use my Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil. This pencil is not too creamy and not too dry, so application is great. The fact that it has a brush at the other end of it is what makes it all the better! So very convenient. After filling my brows, I also prefer to go over them with Sephora’s Brow Thickener. This little gadget is so great for making your brows look fuller and natural, all at the same time.

Step 5

I tend to go all out for my eyes, so this is what takes up most of the time in my makeup ritual. But before I even apply the eyeshadow, I make time for some eye primer in the form of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. For work I stay as natural as possible and I have LORAC PRO Matte Palette for that. Just a quick sweep of Bare all over, Latte in the crease and Corduroy to my outer corners for some drama and a quick coat of mascara and I am all set. This usually takes about five minutes, and that is including eyebrows.

Step 6

Nude Lips is all the rage now, for me especially! As I have already mentioned, I came across L’Oreal’s Nude line a few months back, and I am more than just obsessed with it. Jennifer’s Nude is my go to and I have been wearing it every single day since. Because it is such a nice, light color, I forego the pencil. A few strokes of lipstick and I am out the door!

And here I am in my daily get up!



If you want an even quicker makeup routine, then repeat steps 1 – 4 and when it comes to your eyes, line the inner lash rim with black liner. This will immediately make your eyes pop without much effort. Add a quick coat of mascara and your eyes are done.

For lips, stick to a rich color because that is what will define your face. For winter time I go to my trusty TreStique Lip Crayon in Florence Fig in matte. MAC has a great selection of matte winter shades, Captive and Rebel being my favorites. Spring and summer time – obviously go light and bright! Point is, make your mouth stand out!


And this concludes my post on quick daily makeup routines. Would love to hear what your “quickies” and tricks are!

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