Surviving NYC Winter

Winter has finally arrived on the East Coast! Even though we have seen worse, it is now getting into the digits where some bundling up is required. Unfortunately, it will only get worse before it gets better, and with an impending snow storm this weekend it is only right that I present to you my tried and true essentials for staying warm (or warmish) in this un-G-dly weather!

First and foremost, above all else – invest in a nice, warm, quality coat! Forget about all of those cute, wool peacoats. Those just won’t do. You need skiing gear, and I am not kidding. My coats of choice are by Moncler, Canada Goose or NorthFace. I prefer for them to be knee length or a little longer, because when that Nor’Easter wind blows, it literally gets up into every nook and crany! Below are my top picks for a quality jacket that will keep you warm and cozy through those frigid days.

 NorthFace Arctic Down Parkavapgre

I love this jacket not only because it is warm (Goose Down – FYI), but also because it has many pockets that are uber convinient and provide you with lots of places to store your necessities such as phone, transportation card ect. Makes functioning in the cold that much more easy.

Moncler’s Moka


This one is definitely one of my faves! Light, but super warm, you can’t go wrong! Initially, Moncler created outer wear for skiing, however now it has become one of the “go to” brands for warm coats and no surprise there. Wind proof and loaded with goose down, this jacket will be your best freind and it will last for many more winters to come.

Canada Goose’s Victoria Parka


So far, I haven’t personally experienced the magic of Canada Goose, but I have been hearing nothing, but good things. It is not as light as Moncler, but it is definitely made to withstand the awful NYC cold.

Next on the list is footwear. Let me begin with UGGs – and that is all you need to know. They are absolutely necessary and you will most likely live in them for about two months or so. These will be your best friends on those days when it is dry, but super cold out. I recommend knee high ones, as booties or anything low just won’t do!


 Tims or aka Timberlands have made a huge come back last winter and rightfully so. Pretty much retired since the early Y2K’s, these babies are back in full swing. I made sure to snag me a pair last year mostly for functionality purposes. Quality of these boots speaks volumes, these are great in a snowstorm, slush or when it is raining heavily! Not only a great investment, but once again a hip pair of boots to rock during those cold winter months! Personally, I prefer the originals, but should have you have a taste for something extravagant, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Rainboots! Although you have your Tims, there will be days closer to the end of winter, where everything is melting and you find yourself in slush – knee deep. This is the time to dust off your rubber rain boots and walk the streets without any worry! My choice for a good quality pair is below.

Warm hat, scarf and gloves – although pretty obvious, some of those items are not as warm as they claim to be. For a good hat, look no further than NorthFace. These come lined with fleece for ultimate protection from the cold and I can personally attest that they are very, very warm. For gloves I recommend anything leather with a lining inside as you will need some extra layering to keep your extremities from freezing off. Charter Club has a great selection, and they are tech friendly!  As far as scarves go and get something cozy and big, so that you can hide your face when the wind blows. Infinity loops or tube scarves are all the rage these days.



Now, on to bags! This year I have stepped away from my usual totes and crossbodies and fully surrendered to the latest craze in the bag game – the MCM back pack! Now there is more than one reason why I have been craving this for the last couple of months. First off this is the “IT” back pack these days. Second, it is so comfy to have it securely sitting on your body without slipping or falling off. I put mine on, stick my hands in my pockets and I’m off! Can’t say enough good things about having a backpack for the winter months. You will thank me when you are using your hands to keep yourself warm instead of holding on to your bag straps.


And this concludes my list of things that are an absolute must to survive NYC winter! Below is me, with all of my “winter essentials”!

Hat by NorthFace, Backpack by MCM, Boots by Timberland, Jacket by Moncler, Scarf from an NYC Street Vendor 😉

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