Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here! A mere four days away! Are you done with your holiday shopping or are you still struggling with what to get? Well, say no more as I present to you a list of gifts that are universal and will satisfy any age, gender, preference or pickiness.  So here goes!

Anything for the House

I believe that you cannot go wrong with a small gadget, a candle or a serving platter as a gift. I am particularly fond of bottle stoppers. Convenient, small and absolutely a necessity during the holidays. There are plenty of different ones, however my favorites are from Sur la Table. I particularly like these because they are “vacuum” bottle stoppers and fit a range of bottles as all you have to do is pump it with enough air to adjust to the bottle neck.

Candles are another great option. Scented, holiday themed or plain classic, candles are a great little gift that will not be put to waste.

Christmas themed serving dishes, platters, wine glasses or anything else, are always fine by me as well. Festive and more importantly useful, these will be a great addition to anyone’s holiday collection.

Bath and Body Products

I say, you can never have enough body washes, soaps and lotions. Hey, we all need and take showers and baths, every single day, so these are always great useful gifts that will always be appreciated.

Gift Baskets

Personally, I absolutely love these! Whether you make them yourself or order via various retailers, these are always a great option! Be it cookies, fruit, candy or just a basket of goodies, your recipient will be more than happy to get one and then devour it accordingly. Slap a bottle of wine on top of it and you have a definite winner!


One of my absolute favorites! A bottle of wine can go a loooong way! Or any other bottle of alcohol that is ;). Holiday season calls for lots of alcohol and it will be put to good use, have no doubts about that! Should you want to go fancy or accessorize, then add some chocolates or chocolate dipped fruit to your gift and it will surely be a hit!

Hard Cash

I am a firm believer that cash rules! As I mentioned before, cash or gift cards are the best gifts out there. So do not believe or listen to those who tell you that giving cash is boring – maybe boring to give, but definitely fun to receive! How can you be upset when you get the ultimate gift!? No need for refunds or exchanges, can be spent wherever and whenever, and can be put to good use should you need to! So I say, save your time and give cash 😉

I hope that these little tips will help you as you are scrambling with the last of your holiday shopping! And if you need tips on how to finish off your holiday shopping stress free, click here!

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