Lazy Sundays

Weekends come quickly, but they go even quicker! Before you know it, it is Sunday night and you are picking out your outfit for work and making mental lists of all the things that you will have to tackle in the morning. We try to make the most out of those sacred two days that begin with an “S” and rightfully so!

Long ago, I have made it a mandatory rule that Sunday’s are for doing nothing!  No errands to run, no house chores to complete, and no schedule to stick to! “Winging It” is my motto for Sundays and I do not plan on changing it any time soon.

So here are a few things that I enjoy doing on my sacred Sundays.

Brunch with the Family

One of my favorite Sunday activities! This is our time to get together and catch up, gossip and just plain spend time together. Whether at a cafe or at my mom’s house, Sunday Brunches have become a must in our family and are enjoyed by young and not so young alike. Every week we try and change the location, just to keep it interesting, but it seems that mom’s house is always a crowd pleaser!

Squeeze in a Work Out

I know it’s called a “Lazy Sunday”, but exercising is exempt! If you can squeeze in something outdoors – even better! I am blessed to have a treadmill at home, so I never hesitate to get on it on Sunday for 30 minutes. I mean it is just 30 minutes out of your day, so DO IT!

Pamper Yourself

This is the day for some mani/pedi action, a facial, or even better – a massage! I resort my Sundays for face masks or better yet sheet masks and you can read all about those here and here. This is the day when I take care of my hair and give it a nice treatment as well. I have all day for that, so why not?

Catch Up On Your DVR

You know your shows are calling your name! Sundays are great days to catch up on all of your shows that you have been too busy to watch during the week. Since there is not much on TV anyway (except for golf), this is the perfect day to have that coffee in bed and fast forward through all of the commercials.

Cook a Dinner

Since these Sundays are lazy, maybe you order dinner and not have to deal with anything else. For me, I like to dedicate Sunday nights to home cooked dinners. During the week it is very hard for me to find time to cook a nice meal, so we resort to takeout, leftovers and an occasional sandwich. On a Sunday though, I actually have time to do the prepping and cooking, and having that dinner at a normal hour.
So these were my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday. What are your favorite Sunday activities?

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