How To Tackle an Office Holiday Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly and attend those mandatory holiday office parties! I am not a huge fan, but you have to do what you have to do. I have attended many, whether for my own job, or as a plus one with my significant other and I have to say I have seen a lot. Over the course of my career I have discovered that there is actually a science to making sure that you have a good experience at a corporate party and leave with grace and dignity. As we all know, when alcohol starts to flow, all bets are off. So I present to you my five tricks on how to tackle an office holiday party!

Dress Appropriately!

This goes without saying! Yes it is a party, but do not forget that it is your job party. Whatever you do at this event will be chalked back to you as an employee. I am not saying that you should wear a pant suit, but stay away from slutty, flashy or any type of inappropriate. Believe it or not, there are outfits out there that are cute, classy and dressy, without having to be too short, cut too deep, or see through.

Do Not Get Loaded

Keep it to a two drink maximum and take your time with each one. No one wants to be remembered as an office lush and that is the best scenario. I have seen people projectile vomit, act obnoxious, start gossiping, have no filter or get into fights. No, you do not want to be remembered as any of the latter. So keep your alcohol intake at bay, and if you are a lightweight, maybe one drink is enough for you – stick to water or soda or a non alcoholic cocktail for the rest of the night. I actually like to sneak in club soda in between my two drinks. No one has to know that there is no vodka in it 😉


One of the main purposes of these parties is to bring everyone together, and have people who do not usually interact get to know each other a little bit better. Do your best to try and speak to most of the people at the party and not hang to your department or that one coworker that you are close with. Go up to different people, say “Hi!”, ask them how they are enjoying the party and what their plans are for the holidays. You do not have to get into a deep conversation, but you should make it your business to interact as much as possible with as many a you can.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in mingling and drinking that we forget to eat. But please remember rule #1 of drinking, if you are drinking then you are better be eating! So grab a plate and try to get a couple of bites in every half hour at least. If hot food is served, make it your business to sit down and eat.

No Kissing

One of the most important rules of office parties. Try to keep the hook ups to 0. This one probably goes hand in hand with not drinking too much. The less you drink, the less stupid decisions you will make. This is a tried and true fact. You know there is always gossiping the day after the holiday party, so you don’t want to be the center of those “water cooler” talks. Keep it classy, it will be worth it!
I hope these little tricks will help you get through this Holiday Season and do let me know what your tricks are!

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