Discovering LORAC

A couple of weekends ago my mom needed to do a quick run to Kohl’s in order to return something yet again. I went along with her as I was kind of, sort of, but not really “needing” some brushes and since Kohl’s carries “Real Techniques” I figured – sure why not?  Since my mom is a very frequent shopper at Kohl’s, she always has a discount or Kohl’s Dollars or both towards her purchases, so this was a win/win for me!

As I was browsing in the “Real Techniques” section, mesmerized by the large selection, trying very hard to only get brushed that I “really” need and nothing more, I turned the corner and ended up right in front of the LORAC counter.

I have heard of the brand before, on numerous blog sites and Facebook groups, but I never came across any of the products. Now standing there, with nowhere else to go and not really wanting to, I was basically cornered and had no choice but to give this brand a try :).

To give you a quick overview of the brand, LORAC (pronounced LA-ROCK), was created by Carol Shaw – a makeup artist, who was on a mission to develop makeup products with the mildest and purest ingredients. LORAC’s first product was oil and fragrance free foundation, soon after followed by a full makeup line. Today LORAC, even though only sold via select retailers and online, has a very big following and I must say that after buying a few items, I am now part of this following as well. So let’s review my purchases.

Still coming down from my Naked Basics purchase “high”, I just couldn’t resist getting another matte eye shadow palette. LORAC’s best selling PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette, is a perfect makeup gadget if you are looking for something that you can use for everyday, as well as for evening looks. Featuring eight matte shades, this palette is very similar to Naked Basics, however it does feature mauve shades along with the regular nude selections. The case is very slim, with a magnetic closure, which makes it perfect for travel or if you carry a small bag.  I will tell you this much, pigmentation on these shadows is amazing! You will see a difference with just one sweep, no need to pile it on! They are also easily blendable and great colors for fall. I have been using it pretty much every day since I got it.


The eight shades are your traditional shades to build different looks. There is “Linen” for highlighting your brow bone and inner corners, “Bare” for overall application, “Latte” and “Pink Mauve” to build shadow in your crease, “Corduroy” and “Burgundy” for outer creases, and the darker, more dramatic “Chocolate” and “Jet Black” for those evening, smokey eye looks. I can’t say enough about this palette and how happy I am that I bought it, so rest assured that I will be going back for more LORAC palettes in the near future.


Next product that I purchased, literally on a whim was LORAC’s Touch-Up To Go Concealer Foundation Pen. What caught my attention, was the fact that it was a pen. Being a big fan of any concealer in a pen form, I couldn’t pass this one up. This “pen” is bigger, and instead of twisting it to dispense, you simply press a clicker that is on the bottom of the applicator. This pen is double the size of the other concealer/highlighter pens that I own, but since this is a concealer/foundation, it makes perfect sense. When I got home, I wanted to try it out ASAP, and consumed by excitement I started clicking the pen like a mad woman. Expecting that it will take a while for the foundation to come up as it did with the other “twistable” products, I was surprised to learn that this was not the case. After about two to three clicks, the brush was soaked in product and I had no choice but to apply it all over my face. Now here is what I will tell you about this one, concealer it is NOT. It is quite runny, translucent and very thin. Applying it to cover my under eye circles didn’t really do much, however it did a great job as over all foundation on my face. So, with that said I will be using it for that purpose only. Personally, I feel that it works better as foundation because the brush is larger and the product is thinner, which makes it easier to spread all over your face. The casing is awesome too, literally a pen! No need to squeeze it out of a tube into your hands, ect, ect. Will I refill? FOR SURE!


I definitely will be buying more LORAC products, and here are just a few that I am looking forward to trying out in the near future.

PRO Contour Brush – because it just looks cool and why not?


PRO Contour Palette – professionally selected palette for perfectly sculpted features. It is all about contouring these days, and who can pass up a palette that is created just for that? Not me.


PRO Matte Lip Color – loving how it comes in a form of a pencil! Makes for easy, precise application.


POREfection Face Primer – oil, paraben and fragrance free. Sign me up!


Have you tried LORAC? What are your thoughts?

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