Day After Thanksgiving

Now that you have cooked your a$$ off, cleaned up the kitchen and stored away all of the left overs, what is there to do? Besides vegging out on the couch and digesting the food, many of us take part in the “After Thanksgiving” activities that have basically become part of the holiday tradition. What are your favorites from the list below?

Start Your Holiday Shopping or Just Plain Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday anyone? In the last couple of years stores began to open earlier for Black Friday, some starting their sales on Thanksgiving Day! I mean really? Can we enjoy the holiday without all of the craze that surrounds this shopping extravaganza? I have participated in a Black Friday once in my life, and it was enough for me to say that I will never ever ever do it again. Waking up at 3am to drive to a crowded mall only to be pushed around, out yelled and all together driven insane by all of the bargain hunters is not my idea of a shopping experience. It was pure torture! I would much rather wait for Cyber Monday and do all of the shopping online. Sure I’ll pay for shipping, but atleast I will keep some of my marbles. These days you can shop online for Black Friday as well, so no need to wait for Monday. So do yourself a favor and stay home. Unless of course you enjoy the madness, then by all means!

Go Ice Skating

Thanksgiving is over and it is safe to say that Christmas is just around the corner. Why not indulge in one of the most winter associated activities and take a spin around the rink. Not only is it fun, but you will burn some of  those calories from the day before! Killing two birds with one stone. Works for me!

See “The Nutcracker”

This is the time when all of the performing arts centers start putting on their versions of the famous Christmas ballet. This is really a piece worth seeing especially if you catch a performance by a renowned ballet group. If you live in NYC you will have no problem scoring tickets and you will have a number of performances to choose from. If you do not live in NYC and are visiting, then definitely put this on your “To Do” list. You won’t regret it!

Christmas Decorating

One of my favorite “After Thanksgiving” activities. I literally pull out all of the decoration bins Friday morning and start my Christmas decorating early. It takes time people! You have to do the outside, then the front window and then the tree. It definitely takes me more than one day to complete the process, but it is so worth it! There is nothing that I love more than Christmas lights at night. Just makes everything so much more cozy.

Christmas Movies

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it is time to indulge in the many Christmas movies that will stream on our TV’s during the holiday season. I will do a separate post on my favorite Christmas movies, but to get back to the point, you can now enjoy these guilt free because holiday season is officially upon us. Curl up on your couch, sip some hot cocoa and enjoy a heartwarming flick!

What are your favorite Day After Thanksgiving activities?

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