Simple Everyday Fall Outfits

As the weather gets colder, it becomes more cumbersome and less fun to get dressed every morning. The clothes become heavier, bulkier and altogether more annoying! For me it is one of the hardest transitions after summer time and one that takes more effort every morning. However, I try my best to shop wisely for fall in order to eliminate any unnecessary hardship.

For me, the most important part is figuring out my “staples” and then building my outfits around them. This season, it is all about sweater dresses, ankle boots, button down shirts and slim fit pants. These items are versatile, can be worn dressed up or down and most importantly are comfortable.

One of my fave combinations is a sweater dress with some good ole booties! Light, simple and easy. This outfit can be easily spiced up for a night out on the town with some accent jewelry, or made casual and comfy by switching ankle booties for flats. Below are a few of my favorites this season. If you are looking to find a comfy sweater dress check out Banana Republic, Express and LOFT Ann Taylor. All have a nice selection that is affordable, of good quality and will last you for more than one season. For a pair of comfy booties, check out Aldo, Steve Madden and Sam Edelman. All offer a wide variety of heel hights, materials, colors and most importantly styles!

Sweater Dress – Lacoste, Bag – Longchamp, Booties – Aldo
Sweater Dress – Polo Ralph Lauren, Bag – Michael Kors, Booties – Soda

Next are the slim fit pants. These evolved from all of the “skinny” hype that has been dominating fashion world and I am not even going to mention the skinny sweatpants that are now the norm. Not complaining because I actually own a pair. What I like about slim fit pants is that they are the “cooler” sister of the regular office slacks. They are fitted, slimming and a lot more sexy that the bulky traditional pants. You can wear them with flats, pumps, sandals, booties, you name it! Wear it with a button down shirt for a classic office look, or play it up with a lacey sweater. Either way, they work, they are comfortable and they are my best friends. Look no further than Banana Republic, Express and Mangos if you want to find a pair of quality skinny pants. Express’ columnist slim is my favorite by far!

Sweater – LC Lauren Conrad, Booties – Sam Edelman, Bag – Louis Vuitton, Slim Fit Pants – Mango

The loose button down – one of my “go to’s” this season. I made sure to stock up on these in all styles – dressy, flannel, jean and longline. Love this piece for its versatility, comfort and variety! Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans, over a pencil skirt or with a pair of leggings – and these are just a few of the options.  Some longline shirts are even long enough to be worn as a dress with some tights and booties! Who can resist that? I know I can’t! Check out some of these at H&M, Zara an &other stories. I favor H&M for their large selection and &other stories for their fancy dress shirts.

Button Down – Forever 21, Leggings – SO, Cross Body Bag – Marc Jacobs, Flats – H&M
Button Down – ELLE, Jeans – True Religion, Bag – Louis Vuitton, Flats – H&M

And this wraps up my list of simple fall outfits and I hope that it will be helpful to you this season.


What are your favorite fall staples?

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