The Borgata

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that last weekend I was back at it at none other than Atlantic City! This was probably our last trip of the season, as I do not anticipate to go anywhere near there until at least May. But never say never and we shall see. This time we stayed off the  boardwalk, in my beloved Borgata and I have to say that this hotel never ceases to impress me.


I adore Borgata for many reasons and I cannot deny that once you step foot on the premises, it just feels upscale. This casino has beautiful grounds with the latest amenities, and claims a theme of Tuscany and Modernism. I would say “Yes” to Modernism, Tuscany tho, I still struggle to see. My most favorite Borgata decor are the chandeliers, or if you can even call them that! These babies are works of art within their own right, and every time I am there I cannot help myself, but snap a pic. Another reason, and I have mentioned this before, as to why I love this casino, is its security around entering the hotel grounds. You will not get on the elevator to go up to your room unless you flash your room key to the security guard. This to me is of outmost importance. I like to feel safe and know that no one from outside can come up to my room for whatever reason.

The infamous chandeliers
A glass sculpture at the main entrance.
A leafy paradise
Hotel area lobby
Hotel lobby
Hotel lobby
Another chandelier

We did have a first on this trip, and that was staying in one of the suites! I never had any complaints about Borgatas standard rooms, however since we were there for a special occasion we thought it was appropriate to upgrade. We booked the Fiore Suite and were lucky enough to get a discount for one of the nights! The room was spacious, with a huge semi circle floor to ceiling window, a 52” flat screen and the most gorgeous and enormous bathroom! It made it hard to go back home to our regular sized WC.

Our floor to ceiling window!
The bathroom!  –  Photo Credit :

View from our room, although not my usual preference of the boardwalk casinos, was by far very relaxing and serene. Yes, we looked at windmills, but there was something calming about them in the early morning hours.


Let me get to the food part! Our first night there we were pretty exhausted so we ended up ordering room service. Usually, I prefer to go out and eat, especially when there are plenty of restaurants to dine in just a short elevator ride away, however this time I gave in. Here is where this hotel stands out – even though were were quoted a 45 min wait (usually it is about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 min in other hotels), it arrived even earlier than promised! You can imagine the joy one feels when they are super hungry and their wait for food is surprisingly short!  Needless to say, I do not have any pictures of the food as it was devoured in mere minutes upon its delivery. But do try their spaghetti and meatballs, the chopped salad, turkey club and last but never the least – fries! Your food arrives hot, fresh and with a presentation to beat! I will mention restaurants briefly as I have dined in a few and a few times over, but for me Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck are the ultimate choices if you are looking for a good steak or if you have company that is seeking variety. My absolute food musts for our next visit are Izakaya and Old Homestead Steak House.

Next on my list are Spa Toccare, Borgata Pool and Gardens and a little bit about the Pump Room. These are offered on The Borgata premises, however you can also use the amenities of The Water Club that is connected to The Borgata by a short walk through an indoor connection that is in a way a very small boutique shopping mall. The Water Club hotel features an indoor and an outdoor pool, a two story spa of their own – The Immersion Spa along with its own fitness room and Sunroom Lounge featuring dishes by Geoffrey Zakarian. When I think of The Water Club, I think of a relaxing resort with just a few short steps away from all of the fun and excitement that is The Borgata. Now that I have made this little plug ;), let me return back to my experiences at the spa and pool.

We made a quick pit stop by the Pump Room, and after admiring it and saying that we are going to come back here to squeeze in a work out, we went on our merry way for some more gambling never to return again. I will say though that it is a fully equipped gym, with all of the latest equipment and amenities. So, if you are looking to put some work in, you will not be disappointed. Now the pool on the other hand, we always attend. Every time that we stay at The Borgata, we always make sure to pack some bathing wear, because The Pool and Gardens is open all year round! It is an indoor pool, however during summer season you can sun bathe and enjoy  the weather at the gardens that are easily accessible from the pool area. Add the fact that there is a hot tub as well and you will not need a better reason to come to this pool

IMG_3378 IMG_3379

Spa Toccare is another Borgata gem. I have gotten plenty of massages here and enjoyed their facilities on more than one occasion. Aside from the fact that the spa is in top notch condition with all of the latest renovations and services, massages are absolutely fantastic! The best part is that you get to use the lounge as well as the jacuzzi area with your services. The jacuzzi area has a relaxing ambiance with dimmed lights and fresh cucumber slices to heal those stubborn under eye puffs! The lounge area is stocked with refreshments and fresh fruit! I highly recommend visiting this spa during your stay, I promise you will not regret it and it is worth the money.

Photo credit :

Last, but never ever the least is the casino itself! As you might have imagined Borgata does not hold back when it comes to its main attraction. There are an abundance of slot machines, black jack tables, roulettes and more.

IMG_3377 IMG_3370

My poison of choice are the slot machines and not just any – I prefer the Sex and the City slots! I was never much of a gambler until I discovered this baby. Before I would just sit at random slots and mindlessly press on “Repeat Bet” in hopes that maybe this roll will be a lucky win. Nothing ever really happened except for occasional wins here and there, but when I accidentally stumbled on the Sex and the City slot I must admit – my casino life changed forever! This slot is not just your regular “bet and cross your fingers” slot. What really keeps me playing is the numerous games within this game that you stumble upon as you are betting your money away. You have a chance to earn plenty of credits via matching, guessing, free spins, win multipliers and more! It keeps you occupied and interested for hours!


On this trip I have stumbled upon the Britney Spears slot and I did not have to think twice about giving it a shot. With latest technology, big comfortable leather seats equipped with speakers in the back for surround sound, Britney’s hits blasting with every spin, and a curved high definition display that reaches way over your head  – this slot is a little piece of heaven for anyone who is a Britney fan. Unfortunately, $100 later I was completely over it and back to my SATC game. Maybe I just wasn’t lucky at the Britney slot this time or maybe this game is not for me, however I will give it one more chance next time I am there and see how it goes. For now SATC has my heart and I am not planning on changing it anytime soon.

As with everything else in life, I have only one qualm with Borgata, and that is that it is not on the boardwalk. That is my only complaint, however I know that there is nothing that can be done about it and I will just have to get over it and move on.

Looking to the future, I will definitely come back to The Borgata, but next time I would love to stay and will be booking a room at The Water Club. It is just something that I absolutely must check out and I have to say I am very much looking forward to it! So thank you Borgata for a wonderful weekend and until next time!

What is your favorite casino in AC? Leave your comments below!

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