Drugstore Eyeshadows – A Review

I wanted to do a review of various drug store eye shadow brands for a while now. Since I am always on a lookout for what’s new and I love to try different makeup products, I thought it would be appropriate to do a post that is dedicated to this category alone. Today I will introduce you to my “ Favorite Five” and will give you all of the pros and cons that I have discovered on my journey as well as what I am looking to try out next from each brand. So here goes.

  1. NYX

If you follow my blog, you will notice that I am a fan of NYX makeup period, and not just their shadows. Their shadow selection is varied color wise, you can make a custom palette, buy an already made palette and NYX carries both shimmer and matte finishes. Aside from having traditional pressed powder shadows, NYX carries shadow sticks, roll on eye shimmer and loose powder formulations. The aforementioned are all pros, but as with everything else there are a few cons that I have encountered with NYX. First qualm that I have with NYX is I find their shadow to be very light on application, so it is very hard to build up the color. I have to keep applying it over and over again in order to create something noticeable, however it does come off pretty easy with some simple soap and water. Thus, when life gives you lemons – make lemonade. The next and last con that I have encountered with NYX is not being able to find a physical store that carries all of the shadow collections, which resorts me to ordering online. I am skeptical of that as I like to try things out before I buy them, however sometimes we cannot get everything in life so I rest my case.

My next on the list to try out from NYX is the roll on eye shimmer in Nude.

  1. CoverGirl

One of the oldest drug store brands around, CoverGirl has been one of my go to products when looking for base color shadows. I stick to the singles Eye Enhancers mainly in Champagne that I use either for every day over all application, or highlighting my brow bones for night time fun.  One con that I have towards CoverGirl is that their shadow selection is not varied in terms of formulations of shadows as they mostly carry pressed powder, but a pro is that it is a very affordable cheap option for those on the budget.

My “To Try” from CoverGirl is the Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Scorching Cocoa for that sexy smokey eye!

  1. Maybelline

Another drugstore favorite! Maybelline has an awesome variety of shadow formulations starting from the traditional pressed, to cream, to lose, to gel, just to name a few. I have been a Maybelline girl from my early High School days so I have gone through many of their products and seen a whole lot. As of today, I mostly use their pressed singles, because I like to mix and match, and these are great for everyday wear. My pro for Maybelline is their awesome selection, formulation of the pressed shadows is pretty on point too as it applies smoothly and evenly. However, my con is that they took their Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick off the market! How dare you Maybelline! That stick took me through college and then my first job! Bring it back immediately!

The next Maybelline product on my “to try” list is the Blushed Nudes palette.

  1. L’Oreal

One would say that L’Oreal is the high end makeup of drugstore brands. Always in impeccable cases, gorgeous presentations and of course with quality to match. I can go on and on, but I will concentrate on shadows for the purpose of this post. Once again, my pro for L’Oreal is variety that they provide. Starting from palettes, eyeshadow pencils, singles, coordinated doubles and water proof selections, L’Oreal is a bit hard to compete with. Their pretty cases get me each and every time. Have you seen their new Expertly Coordinated Compact? It is hard to resist. I own their singles in dark shades, mostly for building smoky looks, but also to apply along the lash line for day time and work. I find these shadows to be easily blendable, which allows for easier application as well as removal. I am also a proud owner of the HIP Studio Secrets line in bright green and hunter green duo combo, which I have not seen anywhere as of late. I do not use this often, but when I am feeling risky and want something different, I usually go to this palette. One con that I do have about L’Oreal is most probably the price. It is not cheap in comparison to other drugstore brands, so I choose wisely and sometimes find it worth to get a brand name from Sephora for a few extra bucks.

My “To Try” from L’Oreal would be, yes you guessed it, the Expertly Coordinated Compact!

  1. e.l.f

Eyes. Lips. Face. is my newest discovery! I must say, it is all that it is cracked out to be! I have recently purchased their Prism Palette in peach as it is the only palette that I have ever found where I can make use all of the colors in it! So, pretty excited there. My biggest pro about e.l.f. is that it has a very similar formulation to Stila shadows, which is a win in my book! It applies creamy, with more than enough color and blends pretty well. My con for e.l.f. is that they do not have any matte singles and I am really all about that for daytime and work looks. I will be trying e.l.f.’s Smudge Pot Cream, just out of curiosity purposes. I think it is time to try some new formulation aside from my traditional pressed powder.

And this concludes my review of drugstore brand eyeshadows! Hope this will be helpful to you next time you are looking for a brand to try. Tell me, what are your favorite drugstore eyeshadow brands? Leave all of your comments in the section below.

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