Sephora and Ricky’s NYC Drop In

Last week I decided to stop by Sephora during my lunch hour to check out a couple of products that I have read up on online. I had no plans to purchase anything, as I was just looking to browse and test. Well that did not go over so well, as I walked out with two new purchases and some free bees and went right over to Ricky’s NYC to continue my “browsing”.

Not that I am complaining as I must say that I am absolutely happy with all of my new “toys”, and since I am so happy and satisfied, I figured that I must spread the word and share my new beauty finds with you.

First on the list is Sephora’s own brow thickener. I have been hearing about this little gadget for a while now, and I just hadIMG_3155 to check it out for myself. This little tool only comes in three shades – blonde, medium brown and brunette, but I was lucky enough so that medium brown matched my brows perfectly. My hunch is that these shades must adjust to various brow colors if there are only three options. I just do not see that Sephora would only make three shades for the never ending palette of female hair hues.  This brow thickener comes in shadow form with a sponge applicator, which makes it easy to fill your brows and should you make a mistake or overfill, it can be easily blended or whipped down with a tissue. On a personal note, I absolutely love this one and will be refilling on it as it has become part of my regular make up routine. Another plus for this product is that it costs a mere $12 per bottle. Winning!

IMG_3078Second purchase was an Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liner. This baby has been on my list since last spring! Unfortunately, back in spring color gold was sold out and I was not going to settle for anything less. Since all of my shadows have some type of gold hint in them, be it a bronze or a rose, buying any other color of this eye liner would not make any sense for me. However, it does come in other colors ranging from purple, to silver, to pink to iridescent, so no worries if you are not a “gold” person such as myself. The formula is light, does not apply heavy and wipes off easily. The applicator brush is thin and long, allowing for precise line drawing as well as getting into those nooks and crannies should you want to get really creative.

Once I got to the register, the cashier informed me that I had some points to blow on some freebies. I was more than happy to pick up a few, and one of them was an exfoliator by Kate Somerville and the other an Urban Decay Revolution lip gloss.

IMG_3147I will address the exfoliator first – this extensive exfoliator ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville promises to smooth and brighten your complexion after just one use. It is infused with scrubbing exfoliants and fruit enzymes to grant you a healthier looking complexion. The exfoliator IMG_3148has a funky smell, that of an herbal store and the color is not very appealing either – swamp green anyone? During application this product is not rough,  however you do feel the small exfoliant kernels rubbing the dead skin away. Now, based on my experience I did not get the promised results after one use, but after use number three I definitely saw the difference. My complexion was more even, smooth, and my pores definitely shrunk. With that said, I am very happy that I had some Sephora Insider points to blow, as I will be purchasing this exfoliator once my sample runs out.

IMG_3154Urban Decay Revolution High Color lip gloss was another freebee that I spent my points on. All of the samples were in bright purple shade called Bittersweet, which was absolutely fine by me as I was looking to pick up a lip stick in violet/purple family, but did not have the guts to do so. This baby fell into my lap and I was more than excited to give it a try. This gloss is high on moisturizing, but not so much on the actual color. It applies very creamy, leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth even after you remove it, which is a bonus in my book, however it only gives you a hint of color. I have tried applying it on top of a concealer and results are a bit better as the color becomes brighter. I do not think that I will be purchasing a full blown size of this shade, however I will definitely consider this lip gloss if I am looking for more subtle colors.

After I was done with Sephora, I made my way across the street to Ricky’s NYC, because sure why not. I usually go to Ricky’s for my NYX purchases, since they carry the entire line and you can test the products unlike in regular pharmacies. I mainly went to test some lip glosses in nude shades, but upon testing about a dozen of them I decided that a lip gloss will not do. I moved on to lipsticks and the only nude shade that I found appropriate was Circe. Lipstick consistency is creamy, IMG_3079does not dry out the lips, easy to take off and it is greatly priced as well at a whopping $4! However, when I got back to work and tried it out, the shade was the same color as my skin and my lips were completely blending in with my face! Not a cute look when you are missing lips. Absolutely heartbroken, I walked back to my desk as my mind was racing for solutions. Then eureka – my Dior Addict gloss. I raced back to the bathroom to give my next concoction a try and indeed it was a good one. So all I had to do was apply my Circe lipstick very lightly, almost dabbing it on my lips, and go over it with my Dior lipgloss! Voila, perfect look that I was hoping for. With that said, I kept my NYX lipstick and I will be using it on a regular with combination of Dior gloss.

IMG_3153Last, but never the least purchase from Ricky’s was that of a NYX Liquid Crystal Liner. This baby is the same as Urban Decay Heavy Metal that I purchased just twenty minutes prior, but I couldn’t resist since NYX is only $4.50 and I had to have both! To be completely honest, this product has the same parameters as that of Urban Decay – precise and thin applicator brush, not thick, easy to remove. The NYX bottle is about 2x smaller, but the price is 4x cheaper! Nothing against Urban Decay, but I will definitely be refilling on the NYX version just for the price alone.

This was the end of my make up excursion on a rainy Friday afternoon! What were your favorite beauty and make up buys this month? Leave your suggestions and thoughts in comments below.

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