Freeman Skin Care Masks

This is my first ever post on skin care! I am very excited to share my routine with you, and even though I am a strong believer that what works for one does not necessarily work for the other, I still hope that you will give these products a try. Now, without further ado, here we go……..

My masks of choice are by Freeman and I have been using this brand since the ripe age of 12. Yes I know, too early – but the cucumber peel of mask is just so much fun. To me Freeman is a very affordable and reliable brand. Their masks on an average cost about $5 and last for a while. Now, this does not mean that you can skip your regular facials, although I am not the one to preach. As much as I try to be regular with mine, I never stick to the “once a month” regiment. I do use a facial scrub every evening and a cleanser in the morning, but to compensate for my lack of facials, I use my Freeman masks on a regular.

I use my masks once a week, although you can use them twice weekly. Sometimes I will do all four, one after the other and sometimes I will break them up through out the week. Because some of these, or rather all, can get messy, I always use them before I jump in the shower and wash my hair, as they will get in your hair. So it is up to you how you manage these, but do try to squeeze these into your regular skin care routine at least once in a week.

IMG_2763I stick to my four “winners” – Charcoal and Black Sugar, Dead Sea Minerals, Avocado and Oatmeal and Cucumber Peel Off. Before I even start with my masks, I cleanse my face with my Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, which I picked up during one of our summer trips to AC due to forgetting my regular cleanser at home. I must say, it is a very gentle cleanser that doubles up as a make up remover. It has a creamy, smooth consistency, when applied it does not lather, which might feel very weird at first, however once washed off it leaves your face feeling clean and moisturized. I like to use it before my masks to give my face some moisture as well as to take off any strands of remaining make up. Now I am ready for my masks.

First on the list is the Charcoal and Black Sugar scrub. I always do this one first so IMG_2765
that I can exfoliate my skin before putting on the other masks. The scrub, although very dark in the picture, is not dark at all once applied to the skin. It has a very pleasant smell, it is a bit rough and thick, but no worries as your face will thank you for it later, and it goes on pretty easy in application. I apply it to my face and neck and massage for about 1 minute. It can get a little painful as the sugar grains are not small and the scrub itself is thick, however it is totally bearable. After I finish my massage, I walk around with it on my face for about another 5 minutes and once that time is up I start massaging again for another minute. Then it is time to rinse it off. First time I used this scrub, I could not believe how soft and smooth my face felt afterwards. I immediately noticed the difference and was absolutely wow’ed! How is that for removing all of your dead skin! Either way, I pat my face dry and move on to the next mask.

IMG_2771Dead Sea Minerals mask is not like the scrub at all. It is the color blue, very creamy and smooth, and gentle on application. I apply it to my face and neck and massage both as I apply. Then I leave it on and let it dry. Now if you are not the one to reveal your beauty routine to your significant other, this is probably not the best mask not to keep under wraps. You will have a blue face and it you will look funny. My husband likes to call me ” The Avatar” while I wait for this mask to dry. Either way, back to business. As you wait for this mask to dry, it usually takes about 10 minutes and depends on how thick or thin you applied it, you will feel your skin tightening. This is a good thing! This mask is doing what it is supposed to do, and that is bring back firmness to your skin. Once dry, wash it off and get ready for the next one.

Avocado and Oatmeal clay mask is new to me, as I have only recently purchased it and only IMG_2864used it twice. However, it has made it on the list of my routine and I intend on keeping it that way. Now, this mask has the same directions as the Dead Sea Minerals, but it does feel a bit different as you apply it. The mask is thick and creamy, and to me it almost feels like compound when I am applying it to my face. I follow the same protocol – apply, massage and leave to dry. This mask will not dry all the way as the Dead Sea Minerals one, but you will feel your skin tightening a bit as the mask sits on your face. I usually leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before I wash it off.
IMG_2918Last, but never the least is the Cucumber Peel Off Mask. It is by far my favorite and not only because I have used this one since I was in Junior High School. I still enjoy peeling it off my face just as I did 20 years ago. Now, this should tell you something about this product. If it has been around for that long, then it can only mean that it is of good quality and is in constant demand. So this one is a little tricky. It gets messy, its sticky and you will definitely have to wash your hair – especially your eye brows – after you are done. It takes a bit of time to dry, and even longer if you decide to slap on a thick layer. I usually use about 1/4 of a cup to cover my neck and face. I do not like the layer to be thick or thin, I like for it to be right in the middle. Again, as the mask dries you will feel your skin tightening, but it will be a much tighter feeling than the previous two. Once it is all dry, there are two ways to take it off. You can either wash it off with warm water, or you can peel it off. I always, always, always peel – because its fun and because you can totally freak out your significant other as you are doing this -double fun!

For me this routine has proven to be very successful. After I finish, my skin feels soft, but firm and it definitely helps in keeping you breakouts and blemishes at bay. As I mentioned earlier – what works for one does not necessarily work for the other. We all know that everyone’s skin reacts differently to products, however you will never know until you try! Personally, I highly recommend Freeman’s products and they have numerous skin products that are created for any and every skin type that you can imagine. So if the above four do not work for you, no worries as there are plenty of others to choose from.

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