13 Best Halloween Movies

With Halloween fast approaching, I thought that it would only be appropriate to dedicate a post to one of my all time favorite Halloween activities – spooky, gory and all together awesome scary movies!  Long gone are the days of bar hopping in a trashy costume or trick or treating after school. Nowadays, come Halloween you will find me curled up on the couch with … Continue reading 13 Best Halloween Movies

Battery Park

Battery Park is an often overlooked and underrated part of Manhattan that many tend to forego and I am here to tell you otherwise! It is probably my most favorite part of Manhattan, and the only part that I would actually consider visiting on my days off. Located on the most southern tip of the island, Battery Park serves as the front row to anyone … Continue reading Battery Park

Lobsta – Lobsta – Lobsta

Traditional boiled lobsters with a twist! Based on a Russian recipe for boiling craw fish with some dill, garlic, lemon and pepper corns. Heinekens are optional, but are highly recommended 🙂 Serves three and takes about an hour and twenty minutes to make.  INGREDIENTS 1 – Ten pepper corns 2 – Six garlic cloves 3 – Salt 4 – One bunch of dill 5 – Three lemons 6 – Three 2lbs … Continue reading Lobsta – Lobsta – Lobsta

Fitness Motivation – 5 tips on sticking to your exercise plan

As we all know, staying in shape is not easy, and it is even harder to stay motivated to exercise. I am guilty of the never ending pattern of joining the gym, just so that I can cancel my membership after six months. I was one of the repeat offenders who would join the gym come January 1st, just to jump ship come Memorial Day. In … Continue reading Fitness Motivation – 5 tips on sticking to your exercise plan