Shopping in Soho

Today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite, yet self destructive hobbies – shopping! I love to shop, luxury and mainstream alike. Both give me equal pleasure! Of course my bank account suffers in return, but you only live once and I go by the mantra – IF YOU CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT …. BUY IT. Or in my case – BLOG ABOUT IT.

Either way, today I wanted to touch on where to shop in NYC and what is a better location in my opinion. Sure, everyone knows of Macy’s up on 34th, Saks, Bergdorf and such in the 50’s along with the original Bloomies, however a lot of people underestimate Soho. Sure, the shops are broken up, and you will probably need more time to shop as you need to walk from one destination to the next, but I assure you it is a much more enjoyable experience. Ever heard of “Shopping is my cardio”? In Soho you will kill two birds with one stone! Personally, Midtown gives me anxiety. Aside from all of the tourists and shoppers that flock the area, there are also millions of professionals roaming the streets. Needless to say, getting around is pretty much impossible if not altogether irritating. Soho on the other hand, even though crowded on Broadway, once you turn to side streets – tends to calm down a bit.

Now, a bit about Soho. Soho – literally stands for “South of Houston”, although the area encompasses way more than just that. Main strip of Soho shopping is of course located on Broadway itself. Just between Houston and Canal Street, there are probably more than 100 stores and brands that will keep you occupied for hours on end. IMG_2389It starts with the basics such as Urban Outfitters, H&M (numerous locations too), Zara, & Other Stories, Steve Madden, Express, Forever 21, Aldo, Victoria’s Secret and its sister store Pink, Top Shop, Uniqlo (and believe me I am missing probably close to 50-60 stores), and then as you walk down Broadway you start to run into more luxury brands and shops such as Prada, Bloomingdales, Aritzia and much much more. If you are a make up addict, no need to worry. Soho is a host to Sephora, Mac IMG_2147, Ricky’s NYC, NARS, bareMinerals, and if you pop into Bloomies you will get a whole spread of premier brands.


The Prada store in itself is a work of art. I highly recommend that you visit it to check out the magnificent architecture. The store is two levels and upon entering the store there is a ginormous slide that will mess with your perception a bit. It almost looks as if you can slide down to the bottom level of the store, but of course it is boarded off and is just there for pictures.


Let me move on to the luxury shops of Soho. If you have some cash to blow, then you came to the right place. Most of the premier boutiques are located west of Broadway, so if you are walking south on Broadway, just make a right on Prince and browse the cozy cobble stone streets. First store that will catch your attention is Moncler. This season it has beautiful displays and the store carries all of the new styles along with originals. Even though a lot of the styles might not be displayed on the main floor, just let a sales associate know what you are looking for and they will be more than happy to run down to their stock room and look for your new coat.

Are you in the mood for a purse? Pop over to Louis Vuitton on Greene Street, Fendi on the corner of Prince and Greene or Chanel down on Spring street. Spring is also home to the newly renovated Burberry store that has now expanded to two levels and carries all of the latest collections for both Men and Women.

IMG_2388 IMG_2609 IMG_2619

Of course if you are a Kardashian fan there is Dash on the corner of Spring and Greene. Since the store has been open for a few years now, there are no more hungry lines of tourists and fans who are trying to catch a peek. To be honest, I have passed the store many times and have yet to see a Kardashian, but maybe I am not as lucky.

Aside from the aforementioned stores, Soho is home to a never ending list of designers starting from MCM, Tiffany & Co, Chloe, Elie Tahari, Rebecca Minkoff, Stella McCartney, Jill Stuart, Intermix, Mui Mui and this is just a few. Google Map Soho and zoom in on it, that is your complete guide to all of the stores.


Should you get hungry – and you will – pop over to Mercer Kitchen, Lure Fishbar, Laduree or Kelley and Ping for some yummy food as well as people watching and if you are more of a gadget person –  no worries because Soho is a host to an Apple Store that is housed in an old post office. IMG_2615

All in all Soho is a great place to shop and spend a day wondering around. Only thing that it is missing is a Louboutin boutique, but hopefully it is only a matter of time. 🙂 So do check out  Soho next time you are in New York and avoid all of the hustle and bustle of Midtown. Happy Shopping!

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