Fall Lippies

Today I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now – fall lippies for 2015 season! I am absolutely obsessed with all of the shades and colors for this coming season even though I can only pull off a few. Doesn’t stop me from admiring them all :). I hold a certain position on purchasing lipsticks – I do not splurge on them! My reasoning for it is that shades change every season and I can never finish a lip gloss or a lipstick by the time new shades come into play. Sure I have a few “classics” that I invested into and that I hold near and dear to my heart, however anything else that is “in” is usually a drug store brand for me. Don’t get me wrong, drug store brand does not equate to bad quality. I have found a number that are much better than some leading premier designer brands, for example Maybelline’s Color Sensationals are absolutely fantastic! It provides for a smooth application, does not dry your lips and lasts for a pretty long time before you want to reapply. Usually I just reapply because it is fun :). My other favorite drug store brand would be NYX. Super affordable, provides plenty of different shades as well as various formulas and types.

Let’s get down to business shall we? Fall 2015 lip colors are reminiscent of the 1990’s. Brick reds, violets, raspberry, nude, dark plum and vampire red are the front runners this fall. Who can forget the original ladies of Beverly Hills 90210 rocking those red lips, or Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy? I was sooo obsessed with Gwen Stefani and her dark plum lipstick that I went out and got myself one, but never had to guts to wear it to school! I still don’t! And this brings me to the three shades that I have settled on for this season.

First on the list is the classic red. Mine is by Wet and Wild and I think I will need an upgrade this year as I do use this baby pretty often in the cold months when going out. Over all, I am satisfied with this one, as it applies smoothly and has a long last. Only issue with it is that when you are ready to take it off, it pretty much seeps into your lips and you are left with a red tint for a couple of hours and for that reason I have to give it a 9 out of 10.


Next on the list is nude and I actually have two this year. One of my “classics” is Dior Addict that I use for every day. I am greatly satisfied with quality of this product, especially the non stick factor and smoothness of the formula. I know, I know… I am almost done with it and will need a refill very soon! It gets a 10!


Now lets talk about the two recent purchases that I snagged at the San Gennaro Feast. They are in the nude and raspberry families and I have been “rocking” these to work on a regular basis.


Perpetual peach is my idea of nude. I prefer it during this time as it is not really a summer color, nor is it completely fall. It is just perfect for this transitional period. It is by L’Oreal and I will give it a 6 out of 10. Not for the color, but for the texture. During application it is smooth and creamy, however after having it on for a couple of hours it starts to cake up and get a bit sticky. Removing it with a tissue is also a bit of a struggle, so tonight I will be trying some make up remover wipes.

My raspberry L’Oreal Riche Balm has a much better consistency and that is mostly attributed to the fact that it is a balm. It rolls on smoothly, is not super bright, but gives enough color to make a statement and is easily removed. I will give it a 9 out of a 10.

I am toying around with an idea of getting something violet, but still do not have enough courage. Perhaps in a few months, when things get gloomy and I will be looking for some color to perk me up.

Now as I wrap up I wanted to share a very important tip about lip liners. I used to be one of those who would have a matching liner for every lipstick shade, until a sales associate blew my mind. She told me that you only need one liner, and it is supposed to match your lip color! Once you find that liner – you are set! It will go with any color lipstick you might choose. Guess what? It worked! I am a proud owner of NYX lipliner in Rose and my life is changed forever! Hope this will be helpful to you as well.

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